1. 1
    First day/week of my new job
  2. 2
    Times I took my partner to the ER, nights I slept at the hospital with him, Lenny Kravitz concert I saw this year with my roommate (our generation's biggest LK fan), times my partner and I cried in front of each other (once each)
  3. 471
    My boyfriend's hospital room where I spent most of my week
  4. 4
    Nights my boyfriend spent in the hospital, medications he is on after his Crohn's diagnosis
  5. 5
    Average hours I slept a night
  6. 7
    New shirts: 6 from work (because startups love staff t-shirts), 1 custom shirt my roommate made so we could match at the LK show
  7. This week: 3
    New cities I am traveling to for my business trip this week, days without seeing my partner after seeing each other every day for 29 days.