My Best Friends Are All on Listapp

Because National Best Friends Day?
  1. The OG BFFL. My best friend in high school and in life. Witty, brilliant, and with impeccable taste in everything. Makes beautiful art. Uncommonly good at the Internet. Spammed my ex's Facebook wall with close up pictures of shingles disease when he broke up with me on Valentine's Day (his last name was Shingal). Makes cooking and baking fun/not scary for me. The ultimate road trip DJ- made mix CD's by decade for SoCal to NorCal road trip. Got my broke ass a laptop so we could still video chat.
  2. Solely responsible for my re-discovery of improv and thus my core group of life long friends. Laugh out loud funny, deeply supportive, aggressively committed to all things fun. RIDE OR DIE. We carried out the greatest prank of my life involving the theft of and photo shoot featuring a rival improv troupe guy's senior portrait. Pledged our love to each other during a drunk camping trip in the desert. We went to Vegas for a weekend and stayed an extra day with no accommodations just to see Kesha.
  3. Probably doesn't know this but was my role model for most of college. Led my improv troupe with love and joy and positively influenced my comedy. Helped me become the socially informed feminist human I am today. Inspires me to lead, love more, be better, and not give up. Has the literal biggest laugh of anyone I know. A beacon of light in a weird world of negativity. Giant boobs. Extremely nerdy. Good at sports/comics talk. Were roommates at one time and pretended to be cats together A LOT.
  4. My only little sister, fraternally. The person I know who is most likely to get literally whatever she wants- whether it is a refund from iTunes on all the real $ she spent on Kim Kardashian Hollywood or her dreams of becoming a badass family lawyer. Makes me ugly laugh snort. An Internet trendsetter (the reason I am a Lister) and reality show trivia goddess. My hair and makeup inspiration. My Practical Magic partner in witching, the Sandra Bullock to my Nicole Kidman.
  5. Too charming, emphasis on the TOO. Full of dad puns, which probably contributes to why every parent loves him. Good at weird Internet. Certified wedding officiant. Infuriatingly lovable. Actually a very nurturing human. Likes teaching beginners things like sports (both the knowledge and playing of) and is adept at it. Has v strong opinions about sports and rappers and it's fun to argue with him about it if you're not emotionally invested in the discussion. A fuckface.
  6. SO FUNNY. Has a Twitter devoted to pitching music video ideas to Lenny Kravitz. My partner in annual trips to celebrate life (ADULTHOOD 2K__ trips). Deeply empathetic and thoughtful. Brilliant writer. Eclectically broad taste in music. Introduced me to my now lifetime love affair with One Direction and introduced me to Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Silly, smart, and infinitely quotable.