My Best Old Profile Pictures

My greatest regret is that my Myspace is forever deleted so these are all Facebook. 😣
  1. 2009: on stage playing hot T.A.
    Production still from a sketch show I did with @xmrblondex @kawillert and some other funny people where I played a hot T.A. in someone's fantasy
  2. 2010: Waking up as Iron Man
    This mask is one of the best gifts I ever received and I wore it a lot.
  3. 2009: WTF theme party
    The first profile picture of many I have with @Allys_on and @goobs! Also, my boobs.
  4. 2009: Beyoncè on Halloween
    From the Single Ladies video. Really appropriate pop culture reference at the time!!!
  5. 2009: Me and my brother in Monterey
    This kind of makes me sad because we're not very close now.
  6. 2011: @goobs and I stole the senior photo from the home of dudes in our rival college improv team
    We STOLE this and then did a photo shoot of us with it around our house. It was easily the best prank I have ever done.
  7. 2011: after my last concert
    Not ever. This is my last show at my college job where I used to work for UCSD doing concerts and events. This is after the OK GO senior show where they confetti'd everywhere and we didn't know they were going to do that so we had to stay for hours afterward cleaning up!
  8. 2011: friends finally came to my improv show
    I think I subtweeted something about if you haven't seen me improv, we must not really be friends so of course all my coworkers came to my final college show with a sign. And I'm still friends with all of them ❤️
  9. 2011: matching pajama sets
    @jennifwah's present to me for Laurenmas (my birthday), because all good ideas come from her
  10. 2012: @jennifwah, Greg Sestero, me, and Tommy Wiseau
    The first time I took @jennifwah to watch The Room was at a screening with Greg and Tommy. It was surreal and so so deeply bad-good.
  11. 2012: Wanted Drunk or Alive
    For conspiring to overthrow the patriarchy. These wanted posters of me and my friends were made for an amazing theme party.
  12. 2012: X-Men and Model UN theme party
    Jubilee, Cable (@Allys_on), Cyclops, and Dazzler got together at a drunk Model UN style debate because my friends are big nerds.
  13. 2012: 4th of July
    Chugging a Coors and saluting in celebration of my family immigrating
  14. 2012: @goobs and I at Disneyland, our mecca
    Seriously didn't plan to match but we did because that's what best friends do!