A very personal tour of Southern California.
  1. In front of my mailbox
    I opened a letter from my landlord saying they were raising my rent $100. I was working 3 jobs at the time.
  2. PETCO Park at a Padres/Nationals game
    Ground floor in the ladies' room by the Tri Tip nachos stand. This just happened tonight! You heard it here first.
  3. Old Town Pasadena
    My uncle planned a surprise family photo shoot a week after I had an EDNOS relapse.
  4. In my car in my college's student parking lot
    Multiple times, panicking over whether or not my abuser was on campus. Rarely went to class my senior year.
  5. Night club during a friend's 24th birthday
    Tight dress, large crowd, my first time at a club in over a year
  6. On the freeway on my way to therapy
    Truly terrifying and I had to pull over to the shoulder one exit before my therapist's office. SO CLOSE.
  7. GA standing room pits at major concerts
    Can't do the crowds anymore! Seats and personal space or bust.
  8. In movie theaters
    Now I read the IMDB parents' guides before every movie to avoid getting surprised by graphic sexual violence.