1. Woke up to 8 out of control mosquito bites from last night's Nicki Minaj outdoor concert
  2. Boyfriend aggressively not ready at 11 AM.
  3. 2 hrs late to lunch with grandparents in LA
  4. Introduced boyfriend to grandparents AND Filipino food
    Deliciously efficient!
  5. Beautiful ocean sunset by the 101
    good shit 👏🏽
  6. 5 hour drive
    I guess we signed up for this with the scenic route, right?
  7. Bed not even close to being made at hotel
    Are you kidding me with this right now???
  8. GIANT room upgrade
    This is so much nicer than what I paid for!!! BLESS YOUR FORGETFULNESS, HOUSEKEEPER FRIEND!
  9. Skype doctor appointment for these terrible bug bites scheduled for early tomorrow morning
  10. Snuggling in a comfy bed watching Star Trek: TNG