Road Trip Days 2 and 3: Salinas >> Monterey >> Fremont >> Sf

  1. Late checkout from hotel
  2. Downtown Monterey
    Eschewed most of tourist filled Cannery Row and ate picnic lunch under the Boardwalk at the rock beach.
  3. Seals!!!
    I felt a strong kinship with the one that rolled off their rock and belly flopped into the sea.
  4. Boyfriend met my parents for the first time and my dad promptly showed him my high school graduation video featuring awkward photos of me as a teen
    No pictures. It's not pretty.
  5. Discovery of totally hereditary trait of stressing out en route to any destination, aka being a Travel Grump.
    I have it, my father had it, my brother has it... It's like The Force except for people who need to be I control at all times!
  6. Golden Gate Bridge
    His first time seeing it, what a #tourist.
  7. Haight Street
    No pictures, we were engrossed in second hand record stores and thrift shops.
  8. Lands End
    Wore the wrong shoes for this impromptu hike to get to the beach at sunset. 100% worth it!
  9. Happy couple as of Day 3
    I assume we won't kill each other. It's pretty fun so far. Tomorrow, driving to Oregon!