Not birds. Batman's sidekicks. Debate highly encouraged!
  1. Tim Drake
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    Notable for being the only person smart enough to figure out Batman and Nightwing's secret identities and WANTING to be Robin. He showed up at Bruce Wayne's mansion/Batcave door to tellBatman he needed a Robin to balance his dark shit out and to officially apply for the job. Gutsy, smart, a real detective, knows how/when to take orders. Pretty much the perfect Robin, imo. Also, he threw cats at a burglar once.
  2. Dick Grayson
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    The OG Robin, the one Batman measured all the rest against, whether or not he admitted it. Which makes sense because he was great at his job. Dick was always cut out for more than sidekick stuff though, which is the only reason I have him in second. Tactical genius, leader of Teen Titans, leader of Young Justice...dude was meant to be his own superhero. The world needed a more positive Batman with a better butt, so it created Nightwing. Also, he showed a lot of leg.
  3. Damian Wayne
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    Annoying, would be hell to babysit. But, he is very good at his job. He is Bruce Wayne and Talia Al'Ghul's kid. He started out as the Baby Stewie of the DC Universe- hatred for his caretakers bubbling under the surface, desire for a hostile takeover of the Batcave and cowl. Eventually, he learned a little bit of compassion and empathy because Dick Grayson is good at everything including kids. Also, he has a Batcow.
  4. Stephanie Brown
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    Pure sunshine, an angel, one of my favorite DC characters of all time. Not a good Robin. She couldn't take orders and honestly, working that closely with Batman would have harshed her overwhelmingly positive vibe. Fly far away from here, Steph! You deserve better! Or be Batgirl, I guess. That's cool, too.
  5. Jason Todd
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    The worst. He got a raw deal. First, for having to follow Golden Boy, Dick Grayson. Second, for (SPOILER) getting killed by The Joker. That being said, he had serious anger issues and should not have been fighting anyone, even criminals. Bruce tried to save Jason from becoming a criminal by making him Robin, not realizing that he totally lucked out with Dick and turning someone into a vigilante is not a great way to keep people off the streets/heal mental trauma. Sound familiar, Batman?!