They Were Killed By Police

Every person on this list is black and was killed by police. (No pics of graphic violence here.) They matter. Their lives matter. And, so do their deaths.
  1. Philando Castile
    Falcon Heights, MN
  2. Alton Sterling
    Baton Rouge, LA
  3. Eric Garner
    New York City
  4. Michael Brown
    Ferguson, MO
  5. Trayvon Martin
    Sanford, FL (His murderer George Zimmerman was neighborhood watch.)
  6. Sandra Bland
    Hempstead, TX
  7. Aiyana Stanley-Jones
    Detroit, MI
  8. Freddie Gray
    Baltimore, MD
  9. Tamir Rice
    Cleveland, OH
  10. Walter Scott
    Charleston, SC
  11. Oscar Grant
    Oakland, CA
  12. Eric Harris
    Tulsa, OK
  13. Jonathan Ferrell
    Charlotte, NC
  14. Sam DuBose
    Cincinnati, OH
  15. Dontre Hamilton
    Milwaukee, WI
  16. John Crawford III
    Beavercreek, OH
  17. Nicholas Thomas
    Smyrna, GA
  18. Rekia Boyd
    Chicago, IL
  19. Justus Howell
    Zion, IL
  20. Kendrec McDade
    Pasadena, CA
  21. Tony Robinson
    Madison, WI
  22. Sean Bell
    New York City
  23. Kimani Gray
    New York City
  24. Amadou Diallou
    New York City
  25. Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.
    White Plains, NY (An old photo, but he was a senior citizen when he was shot after he accidentally set his Life Alert off.)
  26. This is not a comprehensive list. It's literally what I came up with off the top of my head with an Internet search to confirm.
    There are surely more that I'm forgetting or am unaware of, please suggest them.
    This is a problem. Systemic, insidious, and backed up by a culture that vilifies the Black community and absolves police of all wrongdoing at the expense of Black lives. It is unacceptable. It is disgusting. It is heartless and inhumane.
  28. I'm not going to forget. And, I hope you don't either. Please join me in doing something about it.
    Research these things and contact your city council to make a difference in your local community: your city's police accountability protocol, citizen oversight, existence of body cameras and policy, etc: (Thanks to Ijeoma Oluo for the list on Twitter:
  29. Black Lives Matter, forever and always.
    Keep your "All Lives Matter" to yourself.