1. I need alone time
    I thought my partner would be the one who needed this more because he is more of an introvert than I am. But, it turns out I need solitary time to feel like myself.
  2. I'm a morning person
    Glad I know this now along with #1. I usually wake up earlier than my boyfriend and take that opportunity to go for walks, get coffee on my own, read outside....just take a break from other humans. It calms me and gets me ready for whatever happens during the day.
  3. I need 4 meals a day
    Not an exaggeration. I think I need 2 breakfasts because if I haven't eaten twice by 12, I get cranky baby hungry and am very unpleasant to be around.
  4. I fucking love nature.
    This isn't new, but I am realizing how important trees/the outdoors are to my road trip experience. If we only did urban exploration, I would be very sad.
  5. I see myself with my partner loooooong term. Like buy a house, have kids, grow old long term.
  6. The Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful and I love it with all my heart.