My partner and I are taking a romantic road trip (if such a thing exists) up the Pacific Northwest this summer and we would love local suggestions of things to do, see, and eat!
  1. Must see tourist stuff?
  2. Off the beaten path stuff?
  3. All things fun, active, unexpected, or yummy
  4. Crater Lake National Park
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    Suggested by @eatthelove
  5. Silver Falls State Park in Oregon
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    There's a 9-mile loop hike that goes by 10 waterfalls. But you can do a shorter 2 or 3 mile hike to hit some of them. Totally beautiful.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  6. Oregon Shakespeare Festival
    One of the largest Shakespeare festivals in the nation. (Maybe the largest?)
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  7. Willamette valley wine country is a must! Backroads wine tours gave me and my hubby a kickass private guided tour of 4 wineries and it was awesome.
    Suggested by @dave
  8. Portland food: le pigeon, nostrana, paleys, beast, castagna, imperial (get the chicken!), voodoo donuts, food truck tours, little bird, andina
    Suggested by @dave
  9. Seattle eats: Zoe, canlis, Wild Ginger, Lola, spinasse, walrus and the carpenter
    Suggested by @dave
  10. Vancouver, WA:Main Street marijuana
    No explanation needed
    Suggested by @dave
  11. Multnomah Falls and Oneonta Gorge
    Multnomah is a pretty popular location along the Columbia River less than an hour from Portland. But the really cool spot is a couple of miles up the road at Oneonta where you climb over a huge log jam and wade through chest deep water to get to a hidden waterfall. I won't lie: I found it kind of terrifying at the time, but I think of it very fondly now.
    Suggested by @caffrin