The Internet is a funny thing. I have enough referential knowledge to lead people to believe I have viewed and am a fan of things I have never seen.
  1. Breaking Bad
    Walter is trash, Aaron Paul ➡️ Jesse Pinkman ➡️ BITCH
  2. Game of Thrones
    I know all the houses and most of the character names/actors. Khaleesi is the Mother of Dragons, Joffrey was a little shit, people unfairly hate on Sansa for sexist reasons? Lots of violence and surprise (that is, not canonically in the books) rape.
  3. Twin Peaks
    "Damn fine cup of coffee", stuff about pie, Kyle McLachlan
  4. Downtown Abbey
    Dowager Countess and resident sass master Maggie Smith, Saint Mary Crawley, British British British
  5. The Wire
    Just yell about how great the show is and how hot Idris Elba is and no one has to know I only got through a few episodes before all the violence got to me and I had to stop.
  6. American Horror Story: Coven
    "Surprise, bitch!"
  7. The Walking Dead
    CORL?! Don't Dead Open Inside, we hate Rick? Michonne is a badass. I have a crush on Steve Yuen. **this is probably outdated, I have been more open about not watching this lately.
  8. 30 Rock
    I somehow know a lot of Liz Lemon quotes.