Chill bros support each other and do you a solid for no other reason than they legit care about your wellbeing. They don't judge, they don't expect equal reciprocity. Because they are chill. Donate to my BFF here:
  1. Free contraception, no questions asked.
  2. Not judging me.
    When I was a teenager inquiring about birth control, my doctor gave me a lecture on abstinence instead. NEVER at Planned Parenthood. They gave me a safe space to ask questions and make my own decisions.
  3. Being happy for me & my choices.
    The doctor who inserted my IUD was so happy and proud of me for making "a fantastic and safe decision" (her words!) for my life and my body. I wish more places made me feel this empowered when I make good choices.
  4. Paying my way when I really needed it.
    Starting my own business meant I had less money to spend on my healthcare. Planned Parenthood was there to give me access to the services I needed at a price I could afford.