what an amazing weekend of volunteering, events, friends, tears...
  1. We had the largest trans march in the world
    In. The. World. And coming on the heels of Bill C-16, which proposes to amend Canada’s Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to guarantee legal and human rights on the basis of gender identity and expression
  2. It was the first time a sitting Prime Minister marched in the Pride parade
    Justin Trudeau - sexy and awesome.
  3. We broke the world record for most drag king/queens on one stage performing
    73 of them all performing in synch for 5 minutes. We got a plaque from Guinness World Records. It's all official like.
  4. It meant something truly personal to everyone who attended
    From the tragedy in Orlando to the fight for trans rights, to the anniversary of Stonewall - everyone seemed to have a deep connection and had a *need* to be there this year. It was more than just for the comaraderie and parties.
  5. RuPaul inspired everyone
    The talk about loving yourself and surrounding yourself with those who support and love you seemed more powerful with everything going crazy in the world. His words about inclusion, love and acceptance resonated with everyone.
  6. You can sit with us
    Pride’s theme this year “You Can Sit With Us,” inspired by the hit film Mean Girls, was birthed to create an inclusive experience. I love the theme - it's an open invitation to all to share a space.