seems the thing to do.
  1. My name is Olena
    Yeah, no one can say it right or spell it. But when I was in Ukraine it was the equivalent of "David". Very freaky. Super popular.
  2. I'm 46
    And I'm ok with it. Had my mid-life crisis back when i was turning 40. I'm good with who I am, I'm not in a rush like most people see to be, and I've been through enough in my life that I prefer to surround myself with those who support and uplift and not waste my time with those who put down.
  3. My husband is my best friend
    I met him at a kegger (yep) 20 years ago and we've been through good and bad, up and down and come out stronger and more at ease with each other than ever. He's a nerd and I call him my Bear.
  4. I have tattoos
    4 at this time. I love them. I want more. I find tattoos sexy and love to photograph people with tattoos.
  5. I live for my kittens
    Meet Mo (Cosmo) and Lo (Lola)
  6. I love wigs
    I photograph a lot of burlesque and got hooked on wearing wigs to shows from my performer friends. I love getting to pretend I'm someone else for a couple of hours. They give me a boost to my self-confidence.
  7. I work in digital, but my love is photography
    Just can't make a living off of it. I've had some major exhibits over the years when I was doing mostly urban photography. In 2008 I traveled to Chernobyl to shoot and put out a book and exhibit. Now I shoot underground art like burlesque and ballroom.
  8. I blog for a burlesque magazine
    And I love it!!!! It's a fabulous creative outlet for my photography and a way for me to practice my writing. If you like burlesque you should check them out - Burlesque Beat Magazine.
  9. I love being here on