Shows that are so brilliant they're too good for TV and are 💯

Which is probably why they're either a) on HBO or Showtime or some such where they don't get censored to shit or b) get canceled too soon for being too smart/witty/insert adjective or c) people just "don't get them." Binge watch while they're here! (Not putting GOT on here, because obvious.) Inspired by @RachelP
  1. Broadchurch
    With David Tennant. You think you know who committed the murder in the small town but every episode has you changing your mind. So thrilling.
  2. Scrotal Recall
    Don't let the name throw you off. It's seriously hilarious.
  3. Black Books
    Britcom. He has a bookstore but hates people. It's dark, hilarious, very Python.
  4. The Fall
    Once you get over Gillian Anderson's horrible English accent (why???), This is a fabulous serial killer thriller.
  5. Penny Dreadful
    Horror, full nudity, sex, vampires, dark moodiness, amazing storylines, and gorgeous sets and costuming. What's not to love?
  6. River
    I started listening to Tina Charles because of this BBC cop thriller. I can't even describe how good it is. Just watch it. Go. Now.
  7. W1A
    The absurdity of this will resonate with anyone working in entertainment. Following a group of people working at the BBC. Hilarious!!!
  8. Peaky Blinders
    The cast alone on this period piece is worth watching for. Sam Neill. Cillian Murphy (yum).
  9. Galavant
    A hilarious musical that works on so many levels. So brilliant it had to be canceled. 😠
  10. A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories
    Dark humour at its best. Radcliffe as a young doctor in a small Russian village and Hamm as a hallucination (visitation) of his drug addicted older self.
  11. The Paradise
    Downton Abbey set in a department store. I liked it better than its counterpart Mr. Selfridge.
  12. Luther
    Idris Elba. Just watch it.
  13. Fargo
    The tv version is beyond excellent, which is evident by the stars taking part. If you have access to a screen and wifi you have no reason not to watch this.
  14. The Killing
    I stayed up super late binge watching way too many episodes because I just *had* to see what would happen next. Amazing cop thriller.