I'm from Toronto. It's a major metropolitan city. We have the Raptors. But sure... these never get old.
  1. "Say 'a-boot'. Come on, say it."
    Why would I talk about one boot? Oh, you mean 'about.' You're assuming we're all from the East Coast. And that saying that to me 50 times is funny.
  2. "So you're Canadian 'eh'? Right 'eh'? 'Eh'?"
    Ah, I see what you're doing there. Stop that.
  3. "You must be so happy to be away from all the snow up in Canada, 'eh'?"
    One, Boston and Toronto are almost the same latitude but we have that jet stream that means Boston gets more snow. And two, when we do get snow we don't go all crazy with "Nor'easter From Hell" graphics all over the news. And lastly, we didn't close our airport and cash in on snow insurance like some other place <cough>Boston<cough>.
  4. "My cousin Dave lives in Toronto. Do you know him?"
    Seriously? I thought this was a joke until someone actually sincerely asked me. Sure, I spoke with him just last week.
  5. "Do you have calzones in Canada?"
    Pizza pockets? Yeah, but we stuff them with moose, seal, or beaver meat. Yum!