The joys of using a Canadian airport 🇨🇦

I like to travel and keep hearing about the horrors of travel in the US (cough...TSA...cough). Today, I am traveling from Toronto to Las Vegas. Here's the joyous journey.
  1. What I see of your security lineups in the news
  2. There were 20 people (maybe) at the airline check-in
    And they weren't grumpy at all
  3. Two lines moved quickly through security and the two dozen of us went through in under 10 minutes
  4. I walked right up to a customs agent - that's right, there was no line, none
  5. And it was a 30 second conversation
    Where you going? Where you staying? Have a good time...
  6. Canadian travel rocks!
    Maybe we're just more mellow up north.