So, first time talking about this. But as I get older, the less I care about small-minded opinions and the stronger I feel about who I am.
  1. It's OK that I like solitude.
    This is not *always* an indicator of bad times. I'm an introverted only child. Let me relish in the silence, will ya?
  2. I despise when people use "you're being too emotional," when they're losing an argument with me
    Don't use my bipolar as a weapon. Damn right I'm emotional. Always have been. Always wrote poetry, played music, cried at movies. I don't see it as a negative but a positive.
  3. My family thinks it's a phase or an illness that will go away
    They're from the old country. My uncle is the same as me and they whisper about how he'll be ok once he gets more sleep/drinks less/eats better. Sure, don't hold your breath on those miracle mental health cures.
  4. It doesn't define me, just accentuates me
    I've lived with it for over 20 years. I'm cool with it. I won't volunteer the information like "Hi, I'm Olena and I'm bipolar," because it's not something that defines me. It will always need a part of me like my ever changing hair colors, brown eyes, and live of cats.
  5. My art is my own
    For a long time, i worried about what would happen to my creativity if i did something about my bipolar. Would i stop being artistic? Would i stop getting bouts of inspiration in the middle of the night? Would i be like everyone else? None of that happened - except the part where i would stay up all night painting furniture but that's totally ok.
  6. Things I Am Not
    Crazy, senseless, impractical (don't ask my husband), mental, irresponsible, illogical, uncaring, incompetent, comfortable in nature, good with tools.
  7. Things I Am
    Creative, generous, tattooed, spontaneous, lyrical, thoughtful, loner, heartfelt, outrageous, somewhat balanced, cat lover.