With recent world events I feel the need for some affirmations to remind me of what is important in life.
  1. ❤ Love is love
    Man + woman,. Woman + woman. Man + man. All others that self-identify somewhere in between. No one gets to judge your love as wrong. There's no such thing.
  2. 💃 Gender is fluid
    There's so many more beautiful identities out there than just 🚹 or 🚺.
  3. 😠 Hate is learned
    Children in preschool all play together - they have no concept of racism or sexism until they are taught these ideas. Once learned it is hard to unlearn. Stop it before it begins.
  4. 👳👮👵 All people are created equal
    No religion, race, ethnicity, or other group designation we make up for society is better than another. We all have our foibles, our victories, our embarrassments, and our ideologies. Be proud of you accomplishments, not something you had no control over like where you were born or the colour of your skin.
  5. 🌎 Isolationism breeds intolerance
    When you travel, meet people of other ethnicities, experience cultures other than your own, share in other's beliefs then you open yourself to the world, can empathize, and expand your world view. If you isolate yourself, you become afraid, paranoid, xenophobic, and intolerant of anyone outside your bubble. It's a truly unhealthy way to live.
  6. ☪✡🕉 Although I have no faith (other than in myself) I will never deny anyone theirs
    All faiths have good and bad, fanatics and devout, great times of love and hope as well as violent histories. I would never deny anyone their faith - I understand the need for it and the comfort it gives. All I ask is that you don't push your ideology on me or try to uplift your faith over others. Then we've got issues.
  7. 🗯 Use your words not your fists
    People disagree on all sorts of things. They argue. We have lost the ability to enjoy debate and lose gracefully. My mother would say "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all," not "...just use violence to prove your point."