If y'all remember...
  1. Unlimited lattes
    Almond or coconut milk, please
  2. Flowers
    A classic. Please use my florist, they know what I like.
  3. Breakfast pastry
    I know one of you is going to get me a muffin.
  4. Take me out to lunch
  5. Even better, take me out to dinner
  6. Wine is always good
  7. Again, white or rose, or a very expensive Bordeaux
  8. But you know I like Scotch too
    Islay please! Single malt.
  9. Spa/massage gift certificate
    Take it a step further though, book my appointment.
  10. We're going to listen to Beyoncé all day
    And then have a pro-feminism discussion
  11. "Your appreciation gift is in San Diego"
    I can be patient.
  12. "Why don't you take off early today, we've got everything under control."
    I don't believe that, but sure!
  13. Cute stationery from Black Ink
  14. Pizzas from Emma's
    I get to pick and no one second guesses me, delighted by my choices.
  15. Literally anything.