I'm tall. I'm from Indiana. That should make me decent at basketball...at least...right?...right, Larry Byrd?!?
  1. Kickball (yes I can kick, no I don't want to run anywhere afterwards, thankyouverymuch)
  2. Shotputting (!!!)
  3. Volleyball (imagine the opening credits of Daria + enough knee injuries to necessitate surgery)
  4. Skiing (three things: 1. hot instructor 2. concussion 3. limitless sympathy hot cocoa)
  5. Soccer (roughly 60 years left for me to score my first goal!)
  6. Horseback riding (equestriaNO)
  7. Rowing (aka crew, aka the sport I joined because my crush was on the team, aka the sport I quit after one month when my crush started dating the team captain)
  8. Basketball (see above...I once got so flustered trying to dribble that I shoved the ball under my arm football-style and ran down the court to shoot a lay-up in the opposing team's hoop)
  9. Swimming (mornings are for sleeping, not kicking around in a chlorine bath that's the temperature and texture of other people's pee)
  10. Running (lololololol)
  11. Walking (ain't no way they can stop me now, Nelly, cuz I'm on my way...I have to do it to get around...mostly to and from my car...sometimes outdoors when it's nice out...#heartofachampion)