1. My mom, when I was 12 and we went to a museum or water park or something. The cutoff for children's admission price was 11. I said "we can just say I'm 11." She said "No, we don't need to lie."
    Character is what you do when nobody's watching.
  2. My uncle, two days after my eighteen year old cousin had died. We were at a restaurant, and he said "why couldn't it have been Queenie?" When my family all laughed at his cruel joke, I knew we would make it.
    Who you are is more important than your circumstances. Also, you can get through it.
  3. Kevin, last week. He likes single stuffed Oreos and I like double stuffed. He bought double stuffed. It made me feel so loved, listened-to, and valued.
    A little gesture can go a long way.
  4. Bill, all of last year. We were co-chairs of an organization together. He got shit done while still being loving and fun.
    You can get shit done while still being loving and fun!
  5. Kevin, Gabby, and Will, at different times. They've all told me that, in a real way, they're thinking about becoming non-directed kidney donors. I tried to do the same last year but wasn't eligible.
    You can make a difference in unexpected ways.