He's, like, a human being capable of caring for himself.
  1. Chicken Tikka
    Him: chose recipe, followed recipe, chopped chicken, cooked chicken, cooked sauce, cooked rice. Me: chopped onions poorly, was source of humor because spilled coconut paste all over self while trying to blend it and it looked like I had lactated.
  2. Chicken Chili
    Him: cooked chicken, chopped veggies, problem solved when we didn't have appropriate bowl sizes, seasoned, cooked. Me: chopped peppers, was outsmarted by blender while trying to purée tomatoes, insisted that we make chili because it was Halloween and that's my family's tradition. Also, I left in the middle to buy ice cream.
  3. Burgers
    Him: bought meat+buns+potatoes, sliced potatoes into fry size, made patties, cooked patties, fried and seasoned fries. Me: bought cheese for my burger because only I like cheese, burnt buns as I tried to toast them, facilitated consumption of raw carrots as appetizer.
  4. Quesadillas
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    Him: cooked bacon, cooked chicken, cooked veggies, cooked quesadillas. Me: chopped peppers, took and posted on Facebook this picture of him with floor quesadillas.