1. Underwear outside clothes
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    Lost a bet about who could go the longest without cursing. He got to choose my outfit for a day. I went to a birthday party.
  2. Broutfit™
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    Lost a bet and had to wear this broutfit all day {brown outfit}. The brown arm warmers were the worst. No one at school knew what to do/say because it wasn't 100% clear it was a bet. I low key kind of dig the "explorer" look I had.
  3. An old man
    Junior year of high school. Committed to the bit for the whole day
  4. A fairy or something
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    My dad emailed this picture to me last month and it was so cute because emailing is a serious endeavor for him
  5. A teletubby
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    My cousins and I were teletubbies. I loved the costume so much I slept in it the night before Halloween and dreamed that I watched TV on my tummy. this costume caused a lot of strife, though. I'm in green (I look sad) and was JEALOUS AF of my cousin who got to be the purple one 😢 still bitter tbh
  6. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
    I wore a pink skirt suit my mom had and a pink hat and blonde wig. My principal thought I was dressed as my mom.
  7. Ryan Gosling's face
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    Not Ryan Gosling. His face. I had a cutout mask, too.