1. The Against Malaria Foundation!
  2. They buy and distribute long lasting, insecticide-treated bed nets to combat malaria in developing countries.
  3. Malaria is a huge issue! It kills more than a million people annually and is easily preventable.
  4. Nets are effective at saving lives! Statistically, it only costs about $2000 of bed nets to prevent a death. Wow.
  5. Against Malaria Foundation gets bed nets super cheap, uses 100% of your donation to buy and distribute these nets. And you can track your donation!!
    Operating costs are covered by donors who provide that specifically
  6. I'm running a birthday/Christmas fundraiser for AMF instead of gifts!!! www.againstmalaria.com/OliviaLarsen
  7. {for a real serious evaluation of AMF and its effectiveness from an independent charity evaluator, see: http://www.givewell.org/international/top-charities/AMF }