Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. My friend's reaction to theft, snapchatted
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  3. It me
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  4. Stills from a video where I'm slapping my friend
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    We were helping someone make a video about environmental responsibility, and he goes "hey can I not compost and then Olivia will slap me?" and I agreed immediately. And everyone else was slightly put off by our willingness to physically harm one another for the sake of the video but we did it and it was hilarious
  5. When I was *entranced* by monument valley
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  6. One time I was eating with a friend and another friend joined us and I introduced them to one another AND THEY ENDED UP DATING FOR LIKE THE NEXT YEAR
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    I sent this screenshot to her way later saying "aye good thing I told you his name"
  7. I like receiving snaps about myself because I am a narcissist. This makes sense because I wear a sleep mask to sleep every single night.
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