I had some spa credit and decided to get a facial (stop giggling!), mainly because I don't like strange people touching me, so a massage was out. Little did I know the strange things aestheticians say
  1. I'm going to roll your hips back and forth so you know my touch.
    I thought things were going to stay above the neck!!! 😳
  2. Are you allergic to any fruits or nuts?
    Asked after she lathered both a citrus and pumpkin cream on my face...
  3. This is to remind you to relax...
    Said while pushing down on my shoulders with her full body weight. 😣
  4. You'll try anything, won't you?
    In reference to my pre-facial questionnaire that asked which beauty products I use. I didn't know using Aveeno AND Neutrogena was so wild!
  5. Are you okay with hair pulling?
    I mean, if you buy me dinner first 😉 Okay, I guess this is truly a scalp massaging technique.