Pretty much everything 😕 My mom hates it when I watch tv with her because I tend to point out the glaring inaccuracies in all of her acronym shows (CSI, NCIS, etc...)
  1. A medical examiner doesn't usually work on one case at a time.
    In a busy city, they might have up to 5 cases or more per person in one day. In a month, that adds up to more than a hundred cases!
  2. No one wears street clothes (especially high heels) while doing an autopsy 👠.
    Anytime I perform an autopsy, I wear scrubs, shoes that I will never wear out socially again, a bunny suit 🐰( think Breaking Bad jumpsuit), a plastic apron, knee high paper booties, a surgical mask, and a face shield.
  3. Bodies aren't always in their own nice little drawer 😳
    Think more like a large walk-in refrigerator room with open metal shelves. You wouldn't even have to be facing the door to know that it was open 👃🏻
  4. The autopsy room is not clean. As Xtina would say, it is Dirrrrty 😝
    I'm used to looking at and smelling gross things, but the ME's office is a whole other category of smells. It's like the smell molecules get stuck in your nose hairs.
  5. There are no high tech computer programs and/or holograms 💾
    Okay, so maybe they exist, but the county government ain't paying for it 💰