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Believe it? Okay
  1. Did you know? After hatching, baby birds are born with vestigial arms in addition to their wings but due to an ancient religious rite, their arms are amputated shortly after birth as an offering to the bird gods
  2. Did you know? Birds convert oxygen into helium. This has the double effect of allowing them to fly while also making their normal speaking voices sound like high pitched "chirps"
  3. South Dakota has no official state bird because back in 1876 they set up a border watch to shoot any incoming passenger pigeon. This led to the breed's extinction and since that fateful day, every bird caught crossing the state line has been shot as an homage
  4. Penguins actually could fly before it was cool, but now they just don't want to.
    It's so pedestrian.
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  5. John McCain was robbed and beaten by a gang of ostriches while he was running for president in 2008. Allegedly, the ostriches beat him up because in a debate the night before, McCain said "Ostriches can suck my old, wrinkled dick."
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