See what I did there?? No limit. Now is the time to say "all the books ever written to infinity!" But I will try to be realistic...
  1. Any book that Mindy Kaling has ever written or will ever write.
    Heck I'll take a shopping list she wrote! @mindy always makes my day brighter 🌞
  2. Persuasion--Jane Austen
    People think that it's weird that this is my favorite Austen. Well they're weird for never reading it.
  3. My Bible
    'Nuff said.
  4. Harry Potter. All of them.
    Maybe Hermione will let me borrow her bag for more books??
  5. From Notting Hill With Love...Actually--Ali McNamara
    All of my favorite movies set in London?? So definitely on my "read on a bad day" list
  6. Band of Brothers--Stephen Ambrose
  7. Unbroken: A WWII Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption--Laura Hillenbrand
    I've really wanted to read this..