This list will probably not stay at 3... This was a cruel suggestion. Like picking which child to leave behind from the desert island...
  1. Gilmore Girls
    Always and forever. I will never not watch this show.
  2. Friends
    Because, duh, 🎶 they'll be there for you! 🎶
  3. Grey's Anatomy
    I picked this because I like it and we are literally in season 12. I'll be occupied forever. And anyways I needed something that wasn't a comedy.
  4. Parks and Recreation
    Yep I made it 4 but it had to be done. Never has one show embodied everyone in my life so well. Thanks @Legs342 for being the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins
  5. Honorable Mentions
  6. Arrested Development
    This reminds me of my family (don't ask, we're a normal dysfunctional family like everyone else!) 😆😆
  7. The Mindy Project
    Always bring Mindy to a desert island!! Ok, in all fairness, I may have just packed her books instead but Messina dancing tipped the scales Hehehehehe
  8. Smash
    I have literally watched this entire series in about a week and immediately started over.
  9. Chuck
    The evolution of Zachary Levi from nerd to hottie is irresistible. Oh. And the show is quite good as well.
  10. Psych
    Shawn and Gus. The endless search for the elusive pineapple. The "Tuesday the 17th" episode.
  11. Better Off Ted
    Classic that was cancelled too soon. This is what real work is like.
  12. The Office
    But only the ones with Michael. 😉