1. Once Upon A Time
    Loyal watcher since Day 1⃣! Even though I was tempted to give up last season, (Frozen took it a bit far in my opinion) this is the show we talk about in the office on Tuesdays. (🙌🏼 Hulu!)
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    I. Love. This. Show. Andy Samburg. Terry Crews. Andre Braugher. And a host of fabulous characters. Every single person on this show is fabulous and has impeccable comedic timing. But honestly?? It's Chelsea Peretti's "Gina" that keeps me coming back for more.
  3. Quantico
    Honestly? My favorite new show of the season. Keeps me guessing and coming back for more. Priyanka Chopra is a totally relatable character even if she is unattainably pretty. (In my opinion anyways)
  4. The Mindy Project
    Oh @mindy I don't know how you did it, but you have turned Mondays into my favorite day of the week! No matter how bad Monday is, I know a fresh episode of Mindy is waiting to cheer me up at the end. Kaling (or as she is better known in my circle of friends "the BFFL that we haven't met") consistently puts together the funniest show out there, full of laugh out loud moments. (Last week wish the flashing? Priceless. My friend actually called me she was laughing so hard.) Bravo BFFL, bravo.
  5. Dancing With the Stars
    What can I say?? I have to do something until Mindy releases at midnight! LOL But it is the show that me and my friends watch together every week.
  6. The Big Bang Theory
    Science. Awkward nerds. Hysterical interactions with normal people. Hysterical interactions with each other. Formula for greatness right there. And who will ever forget "Thor and Dr. Jones"?
  7. The Muppets
    Flashback to my childhood! Anything with The Muppets in it, I will watch.
  8. The Grinder
    Fred Savage. Need I say more? Ok, I also love Rob Lowe. There is "literally" no one like him. 😆
  9. Chicago Fire
    Anything with Chicago in the title has me as a viewer. I may not be a religious viewer, but it sure makes sick days more enjoyable! 🔥
  10. Chicago P.D.
    See Chicago Fire.
  11. Modern Family
    There is a reason they have won all those Emmys people!!! Plus, Sophia Vergara is hysterical.
  12. Grey's Anatomy
    TGIT. Shonda Rhimes. Gotta find out how she's gonna kill off more characters this season. 💉😷
  13. Scandal
    TGIT. Shonda Rhimes. Scott Foley. I want to work at OPA! LoL and can someone please just give the Emmy for best supporting actress to Bellamy Young already for her portrayal of Mellie this season?
  14. The Blacklist
    Oh James Spader! How can such an "evil" character be so loveable?? And how can we be 3 seasons in and still have like no answers to any questions?? Only more questions?? This is the show that we talk about all off season and try to figure out just to find we were horribly wrong.
  15. Heroes Reborn
    Ok, so I only wanted to watch this because I LOVE Zachary Levi and I wanted to see him as a baddie. But, being the OCD freak that I am I couldn't watch it until I watched the original. (I know, how could I??) 😱😱 Now I'm a bit obsessed... Just hoping that this follows more of the Season 1 greatness of the original and not the abysmal Season 2-4 mess.
  16. America's Next Top Model
    So sad that this is the last cycle!! I've watched them all (except that two year period with no tv) maybe they will serve as my consolation prize as I live in denial after the show is done. My mom and my BFF and I watch this together just to discuss the crazy in all its facets without forgetting a single detail 😂😂
  17. Honorable Mentions
    The Good Wife-usually my off-season binge show. Castle- same 😊