Inspired by @ListPrompts. (I'm halfway through a huge 6-month project so this makes me look like a serious workaholic. Not my favorite. If anything, making this list reminds me how much I miss the old days when I only worked an 8-hour day.)
  1. 5:59AM - alarm goes off
    I try not to hit snooze but it's hard in the winter when my bednest is so warm and cozy.
  2. 6:15 - Hit snooze for the last time
    Most days.
  3. 6:15 - 6:35: Lay in bed, slowly waking up and skimming social media
    I need 20 minutes to fully wake up. Always have. If you try to interact with me during that 20 minutes I'm a cranky asshole, but once it's done? BOOM. Wide awake and nice again.
  4. 6:35 - 7:00: Get ready for work
    Hair, makeup, get dressed. Grab my packed lunch and a protein bar for breakfast. Chug down my birth control and vitamins on the way out the door.
  5. 7-7:30: Commute to work
    Sing along to the radio if they play Adele. Check my texts and personal email one last time when I park the car because I probably won't get another chance until lunchtime.
  6. 7:30-9:00: Check emails, review agenda for the day, generally settle in
    Make a list (!) of items to tackle for the day, questions for my team, important meetings/calls. Say hi and chit-chat with co-workers for a minute as they arrive.
  7. 9:00-11:30: Work, work, work
    This is always the fastest part of my day. I feel like I blink and it's over.
  8. 11:30-noon: Lunch break
    Check feedly and skim GoogleNews while I eat lunch at my desk. Text friends/family, read for fun if I have time.
  9. Noon-2:00: More work
    That spreadsheet isn't going to edit itself.
  10. 2:00-2:30: Mental health break
    If the day isn't crazy and the weather is decent I try to get outside to walk. The fresh air helps clear my head. If it's rainy or too cold I take a lap around the office or run to the kitchen for hot tea or water. Anything to get away from my computer for a bit.
  11. 2:30-5:30: Work some more
    My office empties out at 4PM and I love the silence.
  12. 5:30-6:00: Dinner break at the office
    Absolutely the most depressing part of my day.
  13. 6:00-8:00ish: Yep, still working.
    I always plan to leave by 7, but I'm not always successful.
  14. 8:00-8:30: Drive home
    Exhausted, but happy to be done for the day. I have a rule that I try to stop thinking about work by the time I leave the office parking lot. And no checking work email when I get home. Boundaries!
  15. 8:30-9:00: Shower, pack lunch for tomorrow, lay out clothes for the morning.
    Tidy up a little around the house if I'm extra motivated.
  16. 9:00-10:00: Unwind in front of the TV before bed.
    Unless I go straight to bed with a book. And either way, I'm usually passed out by 9:20.
  17. 10:00PM - Sound asleep.