I've been on staycation for 9 days. Tomorrow morning I have to go back to work. 😧
  1. All of the sleeping.
    I didn't sleep in much but lord, so many naps. (I always sleep extra good at mom and dad's house. The sheets always smell like home.)
  2. Hanging out with my awesome family.
    I love those nerds.
  3. Eating all the special Christmas snacks.
    Buffalo chicken dip. The fancy Asian pears my mom only buys when I'm home to visit. Aunt Deb's pate on Christmas Eve. Plus all those amaretto sours.
  4. Christmas presents!
    Not my primary objective but still - yay! I got lots of stuff to feed my baking addiction so I'm guessing I'll spend most of 2016 covered in flour. NOT A COMPLAINT!
  5. So much tv.
    I don't have cable and my parents do (and a flat screen in the guest room) so I've been bingeing hard on Hallmark channel movies, Tiny House Nation, and Fixer Upper.
  6. Staying in my pajamas for three days straight, then doing it again two days later.
    Pants? Bra? Not on my watch, buddy.
  7. No makeup or hair product for more than a week.
    Know who doesn't give a shit about my uneven skin tone or the lack of shine in my hair? My family. They're just happy I showered every day.
  8. Completely unplugging from work.
    I haven't looked at spreadsheet for more than a week and it's been heaven.