Every year I make holiday cookie trays for my friends and family, and every year they get slightly more ridiculous.
  1. Buckeye brownies
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    Too rich for my blood but people lose their minds over these, especially in Ohio.
  2. Homemade fudge rounds
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    One of my favorites. Also those cookies are made using boxed cake mix. Total win.
  3. Cranberry orange shortbread
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    I love shortbread. And everything can't be chocolate.
  4. Chocolate pine cones
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    New additions for 2015. They're so twee but I DGAF.
  5. Shortbread hedgehogs
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    Made these last year. Cute as hell. Also delicious.
  6. Sugar cookie mittens
    Same recipe I've been making since I was a kid. Secret ingredient? Sour cream.
  7. Rum cakes
    My mom's recipe. They're boozy and wonderful. Non-negotiable.
  8. Salted caramel cookie bars
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    Salty sweet. A popular request from my friends on their birthdays.
  9. Peanut butter blossoms
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    My favorite Christmas cookie. Also super easy.
  10. Poinsettia sugar cookie platter
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    Let's be real, I'm only going to do this for work or for Christmas Eve, not everyone. But so cute.