Inspired by @ashleygsiler
  1. Going pescatarian most of the time
    I'm not ready to give up meat completely but think I can be happy with eggs and fish 90% of the time. Better for the budget and my waistline.
  2. Tackling recipes from the Great British Bake Off
  3. Locking down my budget
    Can't wait to say adios to my credit card balance. Totally doable if I stick to my budget.
  4. Working out every day
    I know this makes me feel better and happier but I've gotten lazy.
  5. Using the library instead of just buying books
    The main branch is only a few blocks away so I've got not excuse. (Another option: reading at Barnes & Noble but I always feel guilty for not buying.)
  6. Carving out more time in my schedule to hang out with Meem
    My 80-year old grandma is the coolest. I hope she'll be around for another 20 years, but who knows? More coffee dates and long conversations at the kitchen table, please.
  7. Streamlining my belongings
    Not gonna go full KonMari, but I definitely have too much stuff.