Inspired by @ilana, @Fitz, et al.
  1. Navy with white polka dot anything, but especially my kickass wellies.
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  2. These tiny Maker's Mark earmuffs on my computer mouse.
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  3. A wedding cake made entirely from wheels of cheese.
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  4. A geometric coloring book with a fresh pack of washable markers.
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  5. Duchess of Cambridge paper dolls.
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  6. This lake house dock.
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  7. A velociraptor holding a Starbucks mug.
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  8. Ruth Baby Ginsburg
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  9. Yeasty bread dough rising
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  10. A photo of my Meem when she was three years old.
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  11. Watercolor tattoos
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  12. Poached eggs on toast
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  13. Bleeding hostas
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  14. Kate Spade classic trench with contrast trim
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  15. This detail of the paint on Van Gogh's Starry Night
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  16. Sleeping puppy nose
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  17. My personal mantra
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  18. Ballet wrap sweaters
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  19. Mark Rothko
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  20. Anna Wintour getting shit done.
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  21. Blind embossing
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  22. Herbs growing in tea tins, on the window by the sink
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  23. This light-filled kitchen
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  24. Pink peonies
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  25. Kate Middleton in Breton stripes and skinny jeans.
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  26. This badass dog
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  27. Edna Mode
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