Inspired by @migmags
  1. Is universally likable
    Everyone likes him. Seriously. Family, friends, coworkers, strangers. I've never met a single person who didn't think he was a good guy.
  2. Does this thing when he's about to say something really funny
    He starts to laugh, then tries to stifle it really quickly, and sort of half fails. You know you're in for a good one when that happens.
  3. World's Best Hugger
    He just wraps you up and squeezes. If he's feeling sentimental he'll rest his chin on the top of your head.
  4. Wears a red shirt every Friday
    He got an email like, fifteen years ago urging people to wear red on Fridays to support the military and he's been doing it ever since.
  5. Volunteered with my brownie troop when I was little
    My mom worked full time and went to school at night so he helped. He likes to tell people he's the only brownie with nuts.
  6. Hates Mac and cheese
    When I was kid and money was tight we ate the generic stuff all the time. He's still traumatized.
  7. Also doesn't like pizza
    He'll eat it if forced, but he'd rather have wings or a hoagie. Weirdo.
  8. Doesn't care that I'm a childless spinster
    He's never once pressured me to settle down, get married, or have kids. He's super supportive of my career and living the life I want. I'm sure he'd be thrilled if I moved back to my hometown (nooooooo) but mostly he's happy I still live in the same state.
  9. Loves John Wayne and Jane Austen
    Seriously. He watches Sense and Sensibility without objection. On a rainy day he's been known to say "Wanna watch the super long Pride and Prejudice?"
  10. Can't cook
    He makes great French toast but that's it. But if you don't feel like cooking that's cool, he'll just make a sandwich. (See? So likable!)
  11. Is the best.
    I mean, I'm sure your dads are all lovely but mine is better. No question.
  12. 💗
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