Inspired by @Cara_duhh
  1. Green burial
    No embalming, no coffin, no cremation, no grave marker. Just wash my body, wrap me in a shroud and put me in the ground.
  2. Cry if you wanna. Or don't.
    Don't worry, I'll know you loved me regardless of how you process death.
  3. Laugh a lot. Then laugh some more.
    Don't be afraid to pick on me even though I'm gone. I can take it.
  4. Don't talk about God or heaven or Jesus.
    Let's not pretend I'm religious. Talk about my life and who I was but be honest. Don't turn my passing into a platform to force religion onto sad, vulnerable people.
  5. Tons of flowers.
    I love flowers, so don't do the sad sympathy arrangements. I want that room to be a riot of color. And when everything is said and done send them home with people or drop them at a home for the elderly.
  6. If (God forbid) my parents are still alive check on them often.
    My mom will project manage all the things and then fall apart privately; my dad will need someone who can sit with him and say nothing.
  7. Shut down my social media accounts.
    Kill it all. I don't need a Facebook presence from the great beyond.
  8. Spend all my money.
    Eat a fancy meal. Take an amazing trip. Raise a glass in my honor at some point and have a blast.