Inspired by @Goldie
  1. Creating a complicated backstory for my stuffed dragon when I was 5 years old.
    Her name is Elizabeth. She's a former opera singer, who never married or had babies because she's focused on her career. But that's fine by her.
  2. Tricking my mom into making me the best costume in the second grade school play.
  3. Convincing my ex-teamster grandpa to let me give him a makeover in my "beauty shop" complete with lipstick, eyeshadow, and pink hair curlers.
    This happened on many occasions. That man was a sport.
  4. Losing track of an egg during the family Easter egg hunt, only to have it turn up a year later in my grandpa's work boot.
  5. Leaving a shitty note when my parents refused to let me have a crawfish in third grade.
    My mom still has it and likes to read it to embarrass me. (Totally works.)
  6. My impression of Cartman singing Oh Holy Night.
  7. Singing corale music in Latin with a fake and VERY thick Eastern Kentucky accent.
  8. A spot-on velociraptor walk.
  9. Wedging myself between the brick fireplace and the sofa arm for hours, because I liked the physical restriction.
    Related: turning my clothes inside out because the seams rubbed; hating to be hugged, refusing to wear jeans until I was 12 because "they're too itchy". If a kid like me was born now a doctor would definitely float words like "autism spectrum" during checkups. (I seem to have grown out of it, although I still love the feeling of the weighted vest they put on you when you get X-rays at the dentist.)