I've been working a ton so whenever I get too stressed or need a break, I buy something. In a few days my tiny house will be filled with cardboard boxes.
  1. A six pack of furnace filters
    Mostly because the podcast I was listening to kept talking about carbon monoxide poisoning and I got scared.
  2. Levi jeans
    I only have one pair and WINTER IS COMING.
  3. Earbuds
    Because someone jacked my previous pair from my desk and I can't function in a cubicle without iTunes.
  4. Protein bars
    Because my favorite flavor (mint chocolate) is never in stock at the grocery store. Get it together, Kroger!
  5. Various Christmas gifts
    Sorry friends and family, I barely have time to feed myself, let alone shop for thoughtful presents. PRIME FTW!
  6. A tiny pink massage ball
    Sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day has given me stress knots. Mostly in my ass.