Sometimes my dad takes me out for dinner on my own and we just talk about stuff. We've been doing it since I was a kid and it's the best. Dads - do this with your kids.
  1. Why work sucks
    We're both in the middle of huge stressful projects that we don't really love. Not ideal.
  2. Why work is awesome
    Our bosses are great and supportive, we're paid well, and we like our co-workers.
  3. Why he loves my mom so much
    Too many reasons to list. It boils down to him adoring her (and vice versa).
  4. My recent breakup
    Nice guy. Not the one.
  5. His secret to a happy 36-year marriage
    Be honest. Remember you love the other person even when they annoy you. Work together as a team.
  6. Pancakes vs. French Toast
    French toast. No question.
  7. Some friend drama I've been dealing with
    "Kid, do what you want. But life is too short to spend with a bunch of drama-addicted bitches."
  8. What he wants for Christmas from my mom
    Wireless headphones. (He'll send me a link.)
  9. Dragonfly pins
    He bought one years ago for my mom and she loved it, but the clasp broke and it got lost. "Do you think I could find another one out on the Internet?" Sure do, Dad. I'll send you a link.
  10. That time we were getting ice cream and a super cute gay guy was macking on him.
    He had no idea at the time. It was adorable. He's still shocked someone so good looking might be interested in him.
  11. How life has been since my Meem (his mother-in-law) moved in with my parents
    Awesome. He loves it.
  12. ...
  13. Then he took me to Dairy Queen for a dip cone, because that's our thing.
  14. 💗💗💗💗💗