1. Quit my job
  2. Started my new job
  3. Moved across the state
  4. Started living with my boyfriend
  5. Fostered 6 cats...adopted 2 of them
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  6. 2 vacations: Naples FL & Boston
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  7. Joined the company tennis team
  8. Became a digital marketing specialist
  9. Paid off my car
  10. Started paying off my graduate loans
  11. Saw my (only) twin neices turn 1 yrs old!
  12. Became a Godmother (to my neice)
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  13. Went to my first auction
    It was for a good cause & winning was really exciting!
  14. Put together Ikea furniture with Glenn
    And we didn't want to kill each other!
  15. Had my first delightful visit with my boyfriend's family & my own
    It was a miracle
  16. ...& the year isn't even over yet!