I don't believe in dream meanings but I have reacurring nightmares and I look up what they mean everytime. Anyone else?
  1. Haunted House
    Rooms of my current or previous homes and people who have died living within them.
  2. Snakes
    I'd rather die a painful and slow death then be near a snake. It's a common phobia - Ophidiophobia or snakephobia. I'm chased by them, surrounded, following them, wearing them (like a live snake as a necklace), overwhlemed by snakes. If there are such things as spirit guide animals, and mine is a snake, I'd like a refund. How about an exchange for a fluffy & cuddly kitten?
  3. School - didn't graduate
    I've graduated high school, college, & graduate school...why do I constantly find myself back in school in anxiety ridden situations (i.e. Unprepared for first day, not dressed, thesis incomplete, cant find my friends, not registered for the right classes). Tends to occur in Late Aug - Oct and again in May. Makes sense...sort of
  4. Abandoned
    Just as it sounds....lost, leftout, uninvited, missing events, not part of the group, on the outside looking in
  5. Teeth falling out
    I've only had this nightmare once but I have a friend that has it on a regular basis. She also has high anxiety which is correlated with nightmares in general, but especially with this particular dream