Living on the first floor of an apartment building is like getting a free Spanish soap opera everynight!
  1. "Fuck you!"
    This comes through the walls loud and clear. It's almost like they are yelling at me and not their significant other.
  2. "It's over!"
    Usually stated by the same couple living upstairs that fight all night long. No make up sex has been heard, but it must happen at some point.
  3. "You spend all the money"
    I've heard this argument from many of the couples passing by my apartment on the way to their own.
  4. Elephants
    The tiniest people somehow sound like a heard of elephants when they walk 🐘
  5. Jeopardy/wheel of furtune
    Maybe it's because I have 1 elderly neighbor but I can hear these 2 shows each night without even turning my tv on 📺