First spin class
  1. Wow this is easy! 🙌
  2. Wait...that was just the warm up?
  3. How do I stand up, hips back, and lean forward? 🚵
  4. Can't breath & we have 45 mins left.
  5. Sprints? Didn't we just do hills?!
  6. My butt hurts
  7. I have to adjust my resistence level to be light...
  8. Now I'm moving too fast. Add resistence
  9. 3 more songs?! How about cool down?
  10. Cool down...thank god!
  11. (Stretching off bike) how do I get my feet out of this bike?! Everyone is off but me...stretching isn't that big of a deal, right?
  12. Someone help me off this bike
  13. OMFG my butt hurts
  14. I should probably come back. I like exercising that involves sitting
  15. Now I can eat halloween candy tonight & not feel guilty about it 🎃🍫😄