Shakespeare would eat this stuff up!
  1. Yes.
    It' delicious and all of our GMO, hormone filled, antibiotic pumped meats aren't any better than gluten. Can't go vegan- allergic to coconuts. Plus I love meat.
  2. Maybe.
    I have IBS-M and possible Celiacs (bc 1 test was pos, the other's inconclusive). So it might take some stomach issues/pain away. Just FYI it hasn't changed much in the past when I went gluten free - I gained weight & still got really sick.
  3. No
    No one wants to hear about my diets or ailments that make me feel like an 80 yr old. So no, I'll stop talking about it. Probably won't end up giving up on gluten just yet though 🙃🍰🌮🍔🍟🍕🍞🍪🍩