In Traverse City, MI there's a popular bookstore downtown called Horizon Books and it's awesome! I always make a beeline to the basement where the bargain books are kept. They sell "Advanced Copies" which ~technically~ shouldn't be sold, but they're books that aren't ready for retail yet so they're only like $2 a piece. So naturally, I went crazy.
  1. *All pictures are featuring my grandmother's incredibly pink quilt.*
    the phrase "third wave feminism" was in the description of this book so i immediately put it in my basket
  2. Static
    Another book focusing on feminism. This one talks about how Wonder Woman was one of the first female super heroes and her other bad assery.
  3. Static
    A murder mystery book taking place in Paris, two of my favorite things right there.
  4. Static
    I LOVE behind the scenes stories about Disney!!!
  5. Static
    This book is about a malpractice lawsuit, I believe. I honestly don't really remember but it looked good and how can you say no to a signed copy?
  6. Static
    Jeanette Walls is one of my absolute favorite authors. Her book, The Glass Castle, is my favorite book and I've been wanting to read this book for ages!
  7. Static
    A book about death and drugs and female lead characters... yeah sounds good!
  8. Static
    stacks on stacks on stacks of books baby
  9. 7 books came to a grand total of $31.18
    I love being a bargain bitch 💁🏼