1. 🕳
    a black hole? a mini golf hole? the place where all my bad ideas go to live? my existence? so vague; I love it.
  2. 🖕🏼
    all the posts from 2011 asking for a middle finger emoji can die now. for that reason alone I can tolerate it.
  3. 🙃
    because the other smileys just weren't quirky enough. I'll be using it though.
  4. 🕷🕸
    loving the concept. my goth wannabe self is also loving the concept.
  5. 🗝
    looks like 🔑 got an upgrade. I'm indifferent.
  6. 🗯
    does 💭 feel to fluffy for what you're trying to convey? never fear! the new emoji 🗯 is here to spice things up just a tad!
  7. 🍾
    I feel like Kanye West would use this. Just a feeling but I dig it.
  8. 🌬
    we get it, you vape.
  9. 🕴
    is this the gagnam style dude?
  10. 🦄
    I hate myself for loving it, but it's ~adorable~