@brimattia this was PAINFUL but also wonderful bc Matty is a lyrical god and I love everything he writes
  1. You're alive
  2. Get someone you love, get someone you need... fuck that, get money!
    Somebody Else
  3. It's my party and I'll cry 'til the end
  4. The skin that you're in is all soft now, and your bones are dry as ice
    Intro / Set 3 : I can't wait to get this tattooed on my skin
  5. I want to see you, but you're not mine
  6. He's got a funny face, but I like that cos he still looks cool
  7. You've got your tongue pierced anyway. You're in your high tops any day. You're in your skinny jeans anyway. You and your fit friends anyway. I'd take them all out any day. They've all got backcombs anyway. You've all got boyfriends anyway.
    Sex :: this is the MOST FUN to sing to ✨
  8. Man I'm so high, I think I love you
  9. I can't exist within my own head, so I insist on haunting your bed
    Haunt // Bed
  10. I used to think you were cool, I believed you had a wonderful vision, but I soon found out you're a terrible friend
    So Far (It's Alright)
  11. Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones
    The 1975
  12. Tabs with unlimited 0s, new clothes, bloody nose, powders and walking back home, has he got enough weed? No! Broken phone, retching on the floor alone, and I can't believe that we're talking bout him!
    M.O.N.E.Y :: again, this one is just so fun to yell out into the void ✨
  13. Passing grammatical mistakes. Totally wrecked and polemic in the way he talks. Vocal sabbatical, delayed by churning out the same.
  14. You got something to say? Why don't you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head?
    Heart Out :: a good mental reminder
  15. You've got a pretty kind of dirty face
  16. She said, "It's not about your body, it's just social implications brought about by this party that we're sitting in." And, "I'd like to think you've changed, but you're always the same. I've got a feeling that the marijuana's rotting your brain."
    She Way Out
  17. My broken veins say that if my heart stops beating, we'll bleed the same way
  18. Well I stayed tuned, listen to the news, and try to fall asleep at night. Because I'm living in a house with just 3 walls, so I'm always getting recognized.
  19. I thought that you were straight, now I'm wondering
    The Sound :: okay me though
  20. Said "I love you. What does it matter that I lied to you."
    The Sound :: ouch, but also something I'd probably say
  21. Don't fall in love with the moment
    She's American
  22. I've been pouring my heart out towards your optimistic grin
  23. Cos all the girls and boys in the city, well just care about things like how does my hair look? (very good, very good)
    Lost Boys
  24. You opiate this hazy head of mine
  25. It's not about reciprocation it's just all about me. A sycophantic, prophetic, Socratic junkie wannabe. There's so much skin to see A simple Epicurean Philosophy.
    The Sound